October Sky – A True Story about Courage and Persistence and the Big Pay Off



I am so glad I chose October Sky for my first movie to check out.  Homer came from a small coal mining town and found his life’s ambition after watching Sputnik go up.  Homer decided he wanted to go to NASA some day and be an Engineer or Astronaut.  Homer had no money, was not a scholar in school by any means and had no support from his father.  He was ridiculed and made fun of by classmates, but he rose above it and moved forward.  He started by making friends with the biggest Geek in the school, who had a wealth of knowledge to start the venture.  It takes great courage to forge ahead with negativity thrown at you and his father was the most negative person in the lot.  One of his teachers gave him the inspiration and drive to go after his dream.  From that day forward there was no mountain Homer had to climb and overcome to achieve this ambitious goal.  He had a definite major purpose and he was going to attain it.  There was a Science Fair coming up so Homer and 3 of his friends got extremely creative in finding the means and technical expertise to forward their mission.  Homer built relationships with a couple of savvy guys who wanted to see Homer reach his goal.  After many, many attempts to get the rocket to work, the 4 boys achieved success.  Their persistence paid off and they won the National Science Fair.  Homer went on to NASA  as an engineer and trained astronauts…..his dream came true through hard work, persistence and a team of friends to help.  This was such an inspirational movie.  Homer proved that courage, passion, persistence, ingenuity and hard work  will result in your Definite Major Purpose in Life being attained. Again, Homer knew what he wanted and found a way to make it happen.



5 thoughts on “October Sky – A True Story about Courage and Persistence and the Big Pay Off

  1. josette millar

    I also selected this movie as the first one to watch. What an inspiration. Homer’s burning desire was so inspiring for me. It made me realize that this was the driving force in him… and I see it in me too… despite the choice he made to go down work in the mine for a short time. His burning desire was still burning somewhere in him, whatever was happening in his life. Also, I found that the odds of him going to space was so remote that if he could achieve what he has achieved, we can all do the same. To your own success!

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