Week 15 – Fun with Ben Franklin and Flash Cards

ben-franklinWeek 15 brings us Ben Franklin, a brilliant scholar with some great ideas.  I have used  the “Ben Franklin Close” in sales and am really looking forward to the upcoming weeks of the Franklin Makeover.   I really believe that if I recognize, relate, assimilate and apply the 12 attributes in the coming weeks that my “subby” will take over and train my brain to become this person with all of these magnificent attributes kicked into high gear.

I have come to love the Flash Cards.  One of the team gave me the idea to start putting the colored shapes on the cards  a couple of weeks ago  and I figured I needed to see the shapes as often as possible to stay focused. I  was thrilled to find out that we were on the right path this week.  It is amazing how I can see myself and the experience I write about on the cards…. a real flash back in time and very enjoyable.  In fact, I  smile and even laugh reading some of them.  I think I am able to envision things a little easier these days, which means I must be making progress on that front.   The flash cards have been great  because I have been able to step back and revisit my past.  I must admit that I am very pleased with this exercise because I have been able to see that I have accomplished far more than I gave myself credit for.  I know that I am capable of accomplishing many more great things in this short life.

I must admit there have been a few times that I’ve thought of throwing in the towel because of the time consumed on this journey and some of the emotions I am going through as I follow the path.  But it is normally a fleeting moment of insanity because I truly believe this journey is something that I need at this time in my life to become a better and more fulfilled person.   Not only do I want to find true happiness for myself, but I truly want to help others find happiness and freedom. I think this journey is teaching me how to be more caring and focus on what others need and want in life….not what I need from them to achieve my dream.   I’ve been in sales over 36 years and always considered myself to be the type of person that is looking for ways to solve problems and offer those solutions through honest work and endeavor.  It is up to the prospect to decide if I am the person they trust to help them out.   In my new business I am not working with corporate personnel with their business needs.  I am now working to help individuals find their “why”  in life and help them achieve their dreams.  To do this I must take myself out of the equation totally and concentrate on their needs only.  I thought I “got” this concept before, but I think I have a new, deeper understanding by taking this journey with Master Key. 

I Persist until I succeed!!!!!



7 thoughts on “Week 15 – Fun with Ben Franklin and Flash Cards

  1. josette millar

    You are such a support to me through your blog post comments that it is obvious how wonderful you must be at helping others find their WHY!
    It is nice to see that you are going through a smother time right now. Congrats!

    Liked by 1 person


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