Week 14 – Surprising, but not really…

Master Key Colorado


This week I was lucky enough to get back to work with the job I’m passionate about. I help athletes get over blocks. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, it’s inspiring to watch kids, grow ups and elders suddenly blast past their former top performances.

The look on a kids face when he finally lands a 900 degree rotation (two and a half turns) and successfully comes back to earth, skiing backwards, a move he was always too scared to attempt. The look on a coaches face when his lowest average free throw shooter finally sinks a penalty shot, just when it’s needed. The look on a dads face when his high school senior finally squeaks past pitching 88 miles an hour to pitching 91 miles an hour (and full ride scholarships).

Between holidays, sick cousins and this class, I haven’t been on my own game. But that changed this week and…

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