Week 14 – A Transfusion of Burning Desire

Master Key Joze

I got my transfusion of Burning Desire from watching October Sky last night!

The story is about young Homer Hickam living in a West Virginia mining town with no chances to escape the same mining life as his father and friends’ fathers. However, his Burning Desire of going to space made him raise so high that he eventually, in real life, became a NASA engineer. Wow!

First, I have to admit, I cried more than once during the movie and at the end of the movie, tears of joy and sweetness were running down my cheeks. It was so inspiring. What Homer and his three mastermind friends had achieved despite the odds, made my life look so easy and simple.

All four aspects were present:

  1. A DMP with a burning desire: he wanted to go in space and wasn’t stopping till he was. His desire got awaken by watching Sputnik 1 and he…

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