Week 13 – a White, but different Christmas

What a great observation. Nice to see the changes being revealed in you. Keep up the good work!

Master Key Colorado

Usually, this is about the week I start to hyperventilate and beat myself up for the things not done before Christmas, presents not bought or made or completed. Things not accomplished, baked, delivered, ordered. Cards not sent, parties not planned, carols not sung. It’s traditional agony. Deck the halls with boughs of remorse.

This year was different. My procrastination has flown the coup. Things were done. I planned, and executed. My list seemed to be an eight the usual length, so accomplishing everything was fairly quick and easy.

There were two last minute, unplanned guests, which sent me scurrying to the malls. Heart beating faster, now THIS was Christmas. Since I’d done all of my shopping online, I relished this hustle and bustle, the colors, the decorations, the crowds, the stress, the excitement. Retail adrenaline. I’ve been a 50 year junkie.

Imagine my surprise as I wandered through mytraditional favorites…

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