Week 13 – Hit A Bump In The Road


Well, we’ve made it to Week 13 and I have been having some real conflicting emotions going on.  I have been very emotional, to the point of sobbing tears, and have been having nagging doubts  about my ability to accomplish my DMP.  I really wasn’t prepared for this because of all of the readings and work to eliminate negative thoughts and concentrating on the person I am meant to be….and am working toward becoming.  I am still struggling with the “sit” and being able to clearly visualize my future self.  I think this is because I still have old blueprints that I have not overcome and my belief is not strong enough to push through them yet.   Intellectually, I believe this will work and I will continue working to become my future self.  I am strong and PERSISTENT and the struggle will be worth the end result.

On the bright side, I continue to smile and compliment people when I am out and about and am getting a wonderful response.  A smile and  a compliment can really change a person’s day and I enjoy seeing their faces change with a cheerful engagement.

This week we will be concentrating on things that we are grateful for.  I am looking forward to making my new cards up and giving thanks for the big things, as well as appreciating the small things in life that I tend to take for granted.  We only go around once in this life and there are hundreds of small things going on every day that we should be paying attention to and appreciating.  I am truly blessed and one of the things I am extremely grateful for is Master Key.  This journey is changing my life….I  just hit a bump in the road that I need to overcome.  The good things in life are worth hard work to attain.





8 thoughts on “Week 13 – Hit A Bump In The Road

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  2. Lisa Louise Lindsey

    yes, yes, yes Linda. Like I shared tonight, I too am pretty teary this week. I think Andrew or was it Terry nailed it, we are leaving our old selves, our old best friends and it’s sad. AND it’s huge growth. Very exciting!



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