Week 12 – Bear Hug Kettle and Persistence



Well here we are at Week 12 in this amazing journey.  I am still struggling with negative thoughts popping into my head and love the Bear Hug Kettle idea.  I am looking forward to putting that into action this week.

I’ve been thinking about Persistence quite a bit since we got into Scroll III and I started thinking about a bucket list item I accomplished  this spring.  I was in Florida with a girlfriend and we decided that we wanted to go zip lining so we checked things out and took off for our new adventure.  Now I am 65 years young. in okay shape and my girlfriend is 55 and she is in stellar shape.  When we get there we find out that there are only 3 zip lines and it is more like an obstacle course….are we still up to the challenge?  Well, I’ve never done an obstacle course before and I decided I needed to add this to my bucket list and check it off.  Little did I know what I was getting into.  This obstacle course was  in the trees and in the air and reminded me of boot camp.   We were climbing ropes and walking on wires and wood slats 20 feet in the air, etc.  I didn’t realize how much upper body strength would be required along with coordination.  I made it through the first of four levels of the course  sweating profusely and gasping for air.  And I says to myself….self, what have you gotten yourself into????  You are going through boot camp at 65????  Well, I am not one to give up so I went to the next level which was even higher in the air and more difficult.  My knees were shaking, my muscles were screaming at me to stop the insanity and get off this crazy course.   I was close to tears half-way through this level.  The guides were watching me from the ground and told me several times that they could get me down if I wanted to throw in the towel.  I can’t tell you how much I REALLY wanted to do just that.  But I took a deep breath and hollered down to them that I AM NOT A QUITTER and I will make it through that level if it killed me.   By this time I was bruised & battered and almost out of strength to pull myself through the chains and swinging slats to reach my goal.  I made it to the end and almost cried for joy that it was over.  The guides let me know that they were very impressed because they never had somebody my age make it as far as I got on the course.  Needless to say, this made my day.  Of course, not many people my age would be crazy enough to attempt an obstacle course like this.  My girlfriend made it through all 4 levels, bless her little healthy heart, but I’ll bet I felt as good as she did accomplishing my 2 levels as she did her 4.  Persistence and stubbornness got me through this challenge.  In life and in this Master Key journey there are obstacles that need to be overcome.  I KNOW I am capable of overcoming them to become my future self and live my future life.  So I will forge on ahead to complete this journey I started.  I CAN be what I WILL be.



6 thoughts on “Week 12 – Bear Hug Kettle and Persistence

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  2. josette millar

    What an experience! Congratulations.
    You used the word ‘stubbornness’ in your last paragraph. Did you know that the synonym of stubbornness is “determination”. I see a lot of determination in what you did. How inspiring!

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