Week 11 – “I will persist until I succeed”


We’ve made it to week 11 and the timing is perfect to be reading Scroll III and Persistence.  I’ve really been struggling the past couple of weeks and I got the shot in the arm I needed to proceed and keep on working to complete my journey and become my future self.  “I will build my castle one brick at a time for I know that small attempts, repeated, will complete my undertaking.”  Wow….once again we are reminded that to give up is to lose our dreams and not accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves in this life.  There will always be obstacles to overcome and bad days.  As long as we get back up, brush ourselves off and move forward, we will eventually succeed and will become our future selves.  I love the future self I have created and won’t give up until I become this person.  Although my steps seem to be very tiny right now, it is forward motion towards some very big and powerful dreams I have.

Yesterday I asked my husband if he could see any changes in me since I started the course and he said he could see that I am more positive, which I have noticed and have been striving towards.  He did sense that I was afraid of something and Mark mentioned the fear on the call yesterday .  I think I have been afraid of what my inner self is and letting the old blueprints go to become the person I want to be.  I was sobbing after the call yesterday and hope the lightbulb went off and that I am now able to move forward to change the old blueprints and become the positive, amazing person I will be.    I am sleeping better since starting this  journey.  So there are some good things happening to my “subby” that is allowing me to shut my brain down and be less anxious.

I will continue to persist because that’s what winners and successful people do.  I am strong and persistent – I WILL WIN!!!!!



10 thoughts on “Week 11 – “I will persist until I succeed”

  1. josette millar

    Linda, I feel I could write the same blog this week and mine is going to be similar. Haha. I feel like walking through molasses but I know that I can persist. I know you will too. That’s not an opinion but a fact. Onward and upward! Congrats!

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  2. Lori Enrico

    Week 11 lesson is SO powerful, Linda. Your future self IS emerging – with each of those “tiny” (they’re huge, really) steps you take each day. Trust in the process because this masterful staff progression that’s been built for you DOES work. Just keep focusing on the daily steps….your hard mental labor WILL smash that old blueprint over time. Continue to let your beautiful, positive light shine and remember the patience part 🙂

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  3. tneraasen

    Linda it’s a journey to “reveal the positive, amazing person you are”! I love your sincerity. This lesson and the accompanying webinar is probably my favourite, culminating in the revelation of the progression we’ve come through. And we will just keep building on the habit of persistence as we exercise those four habits. Great post!

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