Week 10 – Aha Moment


Well we are in Week 10 of the Master Key and I am coming off of a tough week and REALLY working on positive thinking.   Again, I know that negative thinking can only bring negative results and this journey is all about retraining my brain to be more positive and becoming the person I am meant to be.  The future me is positive, strong and invincible.

I had an “aha” moment this morning with regards to meditating and visualizing.   I’ve been struggling with this and decided to take another approach.  When doing my “sit”, I now REALLY concentrate on the WORDS and VISIONS I have when I read my DMP.  I suppose most people figured this out weeks ago, but this was my “aha” moment and it worked quite well.

I have not made it through one day without negative thoughts or having an opinion, but I find that I am much more aware of the negative thoughts and how many times I am presented with the situation of offering an opinion.  The good news is that I am having some success replacing the negative thought with a positive thought.

The audio I created with my DMP, positive affirmations, press release and Scroll II has been very helpful this week.  I listen to it while I am exercising, doing chores and driving in the car.  I believe the soothing background music and hearing the words in my voice is working on my “subby”.  I will listen to the audio several times in a row while I am multi-tasking….which, I believe, is also considered “combinations”.

It is Wednesday, Over-the-Hump Day, and I truly hope that I am over the “HUMP” and taking one step at a time moving forward to becoming my future self.  I am looking forward to the happy, blissful life in store for me and my husband.


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