Week 9 – Struggling


Well it is Week 9 of Master Key and this has been my toughest week so far.  Life sometimes gets in the way and has caused me anxiety and self-doubt.  I was very surprised to be experiencing these feelings because this entire process has been so positive and uplifting for me.  I am just brushing myself off and getting back on the horse to overcome some old blueprints that have apparently reared their ugly head at me.  I am really glad that I got my recordings done because I’ve recorded my DMP, Press Release, Positive Affirmations and The World’s Greatest Salesman.  Right now I need as much repetition for positive thinking and imaging as I can get.  I listen to them in the car, when I am exercising, cooking, etc.  What a great way to multi-task.  I was actually a little lost on Sunday when Mark was talking about combining so I went into Alliance to get it figured out on Monday….an aha moment.  I  got some great ideas and am putting them to work this week.    Scroll II is still very powerful for me and reading it 3 times a day makes me feel good and hopeful.  I guess it is still one tiny step at a time.  Sometimes we have to take a couple steps backwards before we can go forward.  That is what happened this week and I am doing my BEST to be positive and remember that I CAN be what I will be.  I just can’t quit because then all is lost and there will be no changes in my life.


11 thoughts on “Week 9 – Struggling

  1. tneraasen

    To paraphrase Hill “within every adversity resides an equal opportunity and the seeds of achievement”. Taking conscious control is what you are doing Linda. The “keeper at the gate” is doing its job and you are running the show. Good stuff!

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  2. Andrew Millar

    I’ll bet that by the time I write this you are through that stuff and waving it goodbye in your rear view mirror. Don’t we all get our old blueprints rolled out for us periodically to see if they still work for us? Carry on, this too shall pass.

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    1. masterkeymiske Post author

      Thanks Jennifer. I have been listening to my audio quite a bit this week too and I must admit that I do feel better. I actually put my DMP, press release, affirmations and Scroll II which I really like to listen to when I am working out, cleaning or cooking or just driving in the car


    1. masterkeymiske Post author

      Thanks so much for your support Noelle. It is so nice to know that I am not alone on this journey. We just need to hang in there and take one step at a time To become our future selves



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