Week 8 – Tiny steps to finding my new self

Footprints in the sand on beach near San José del Cabo, Mexico at sunrise

It was an interesting week for me.  I had an aha moment driving around with the radio off and realized that I was seeing the shapes and colors much easier and was concentrating on the exercise and getting better results without the “noise” of the radio.  I can’t believe I hadn’t done that before….duh!

Visualizing during my sit is still challenging.  I am still getting blurred pictures.  Every once in a while I will get some clarity, but more often than not it is a struggle.  I’ve thought of cheating and looking at the dream board occasionally during the sit to get my brain back on track, but don’t want to cheat the process.  Staying focused for 8 seconds is truly a challenge and I am taking it one step at a time…baby steps, but it is still progress.

I still love the Chapter we are reading right now on “LOVE”.   I just light up when I start reading the first sentence of the chapter:  “I will greet this day with love in my heart”.  What a great way to start the day and put me in the right frame of mind to keep a positive attitude and a smile on my face.  I really do believe that people totally respond to our attitude and a smile; I know I do.

One of my main goals in the class is get rid of the negative thinking and attitude that I seemed to fall in to  too quickly in the past.  If I have negative thinking I will always have negative results.  So positive thinking and attitude are what I am striving for on a daily basis.

The exercise of not offering an opinion has been totally crazy for me and I am starting to catch myself before I blow it.  I have not made it a full day yet without having to start over, but am doing my best to get this done.

I finally completed my dream board this week and love it.  This board represents my dreams of who I am becoming and the life I will be living in such a very short time.  I must keep this in mind when I am struggling with the process.  The work is so VERY worth the time and effort I am putting in to become the person I want to be.

When I first started the exercise of repeating “just do it” 75 times/day, I thought it was a little crazy.  I am usually not a  procrastinator and didn’t really think the exercise would necessarily help me.  I am finding that it Is getting easier for me to stay on task now so the exercise seems to be working for me….AHA moment.


9 thoughts on “Week 8 – Tiny steps to finding my new self

  1. Terrence G Neraasen

    Linda I really love your candor and honesty. I’m sure things will become clearer and clearer as you go along. Sometimes my visualization is not as clear as it should be. That I attribute to a bit of scattered consciousness or concentration. Letting go of all other thoughts is the key. The last week was a bear in that regard.

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  2. Andrew Millar

    Thanks, Linda, for such a refreshing report on your process. Always great to know we aren’t alone in this process. I too just finished my board and the first time I recited the “I can be what I will to be” while looking at my board gave me goosebumps!

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  3. masterkeymiske Post author

    Hi Andrew. I’ve tried to look at your blog and am not able to see anything. It is nice to know that I am not going through this journey alone. It can be a little intimidating. The dream board is really big for me. I need to visualize what I will be and what I will achieve.


  4. cathysmasterkey

    I love that you’re having these aha moments. Things are coming together for you 🙂 The “do it now” phrase is one of my favourites. It is a great motivational tool! If looking at your vision board will help you have a clearer mind and greater focus during the sit then is it really “cheating” or is it simply another tool to help you reach your goal? Just a thought.

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    1. masterkeymiske Post author

      Thanks Cathy. I am going to use the board as a tool until the vision gets clearer. The good news is that the vision is starting to get a little clearer now. I’ve started a breathing routine to keep me focused and it seems to be working. Have a wonderful week!

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