Week 7 – Forgiveness and Love


I really loved the lesson this week on Forgiveness.  Doing the exercise of forgiving myself and other’s for all past transgressions was TOTALLY amazing for me.  When I finished I felt cleansed and very open.  I have things in my past that I had not forgiven myself for, although I kept praying for it.  I finally feel that I can move on and quit beating myself up for those sins.  Holding on to “hurt” feelings and anger is something that I needed to let go of.  Life is too short to lose precious time with those we love because we are too stubborn to forgive and, hopefully, forget.  This exercise did surprise me because there were a couple of situations in my past that hurt me badly but I didn’t even think of as I thought of past pain and hurt that I needed to get rid of.  That told me that I am capable of forgiving and moving on with relationships in a healthy, happy way.

I am excited to complete my dream board….having a few issues with my printer that need to be resolved before I can put it all together.  I was able to find pictures of all of my DMP’s when I googled free photos for whatever I was looking for.  What did we do without this kind of computer technology and access in the dark ages?  LOL.

It has been a totally crazy week and I have been challenged with time, as everybody else is.  I know the time I put in now will reap fantastic rewards for my future self.  Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


7 thoughts on “Week 7 – Forgiveness and Love

  1. Lori Enrico

    This was an awesome post, Linda. The forgiveness exercise in Week 7 was huge for me when I first went through the course as well. I was amazed at how immediately the feeling of freedom washed over me when I made that decision – in one moment – to permanently let go of resentments I had carried around for years. They never come back. How cool is that??

    So proud of you, Linda. I hope you don’t mind me re-blogging this post on my own blog. As a guide, I really like to feature other members’ blogs sometimes in mine.


    1. masterkeymiske Post author

      Thanks Lori. The forgiveness exercise in week seven was totally awesome for me as well. You most certainly can re-blog. We are all on this journey together and I’m so glad I’m not doing this alone. Your support is greatly appreciated


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