Week 6 – Loving yourself and others is the key to happiness and success


We are in Week 6 now and I love the 2nd Scroll we are working on.  It opened my eyes as to why I have had the success I’ve had in the past with my sales career.  I always thought I did well because I was honest, dependable, had great customer service and had fun with my customers.  Looking deeper, I now believe my prospects and customers see the love I have in my heart and have responded accordingly.  I am pretty much an open book and that includes the good and bad times.  When I am happy the whole world knows it.  On the flip side, when I hit the bottom and am stressed, I don’t always cover that emotion up well.  Through this journey I am learning more about myself every day.  Putting the signs up around the house and seeing my “Dreams/DMP’s” written out and in my face constantly keeps them at the forefront of my brain.  There is no doubt in my mind that my “subby” is getting the picture and is starting to subtly nudge me further down the road to success as I see it in my life.

I think I am finally catching on to the colors and the shapes….whoop whoop.  I’ve been struggling with this for the last few weeks and am thrilled that my brain finally kicked into gear.  Blue is representing my bliss and serenity.  Green is representing financial freedom.  Red represents travel and memories.  Yellow represents my health and wellness.  Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get “subby” on the same page with me and we are going to rock and roll this brain transformation.


8 thoughts on “Week 6 – Loving yourself and others is the key to happiness and success

  1. cathysmasterkey

    I really enjoyed Scroll II, as well. It was uplifting and created a burst of excitement within me for all the wonderful gifts around us. There is so much beauty in this world. We just have to be receptive to it to appreciate it. I’m glad to hear you had such a great week. Keep up the good work! I look forward to next week’s blog 🙂

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    1. masterkeymiske Post author

      I think it helped not being a “pretty” child. Personality and showing people I cared and had a great sense of humor helped me make great friends throughout life. This process really is one step at a time for me.



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