Week 5 of Master Key – Doing my Best

It is Week 5 of Master Key and I am doing my BEST to create new habits and rid myself of the old bad habits.  My new reality is so amazing and  exciting and I trust this process to make it happen.  I love doing my best when working on my DMP and improving it so my subconscious takes over and retrains my brain.  I read my DMP with enthusiasm and actually feel the experience as I read the DMP.  I feel the joy and sentiment and almost feel the ocean’s spray on my face as I walk along the beach in Hawaii with my husband on our anniversary February 17, 2018.  My biggest challenge this week will be not giving an opinion on anything….it should be an interesting week.


4 thoughts on “Week 5 of Master Key – Doing my Best

  1. ellenbryant12345gmailcom

    I really love your press release!!! I myself have decided I will quit my body at 92 since I am 46 now. I will have an equal amount of years lived purposefully as I have not had.. all 46 of my coming years I will be healthy, strong and beautiful in every way!



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