Masterkey Week 4 – Enthusiasm and repetition changes my world

Well, It is week 4 of the Masterkey and I am still feeling like a fish out of water but making some progress.  I am reading the Greatest Salesman in the World 3 times/day religiously, along with the other requirements.  I have not yet seen any changes but am positive that my subconscious will soon kick in and I will be seeing the desired results. Being enthusiastic when I repeat the information on the cards empowers me and puts me in a very positive state of mind. I really like working on my DMP and fine tuning it.  This exercise makes my dreams seem very real, as I am now able to visualize and feel my future.  I have pictures running through my head of what my life will be in a couple of years and it is very exciting.  I do believe that repetition and enthusiasm are the keys for my brain to change, which in turn will be life changing.  This is a great new adventure and “I can be what I will be”.


5 thoughts on “Masterkey Week 4 – Enthusiasm and repetition changes my world

  1. Andrew Millar

    Hi Linda, Tribe member Andrew here. Sounds like you are well on your way. I loved reading how the images of what you want are present with you now. Seems like we are all on our way to creating a new reality in the shape of what we consciously want.
    This’ll be fun walking through this together.

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    1. masterkeymiske Post author

      Hi Andrew. Thanks for the support. I am still not sure what to be writing in the blogs, but each week I start feeling a little better about the process. It’s not quite so overwhelming this week. I can’t wait to see the end results of the course. Let’s do this together and “do it now”.


  2. shanticor

    Linda, you said in your first sentence “… but making some progress.” We didn’t arrive where we are overnight so be kind and patient with yourself and hang in there with us.


  3. Andrew Millar

    I think maybe what you are describing (and I know I am also feeling) must be Subby taking over – kind of a groundswell, a buoyancy of thoughts and feelings.(Btw, ” . . .will TO be.” It is fun reading your progress.

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