Masterkey week 2

This is week 2 of Masterkey and I am still overwhelmed.  I
am definitely not in my comfort zone yet with blogging and
twitter, but know that I will become a pro in a short
time.  Today I plan to check out the Speed Reading
video to speed up the reading requirements of the
course.  So far I am learning that I need to get rid of
bad old habits and create new good habits to accomplish the
things in life that are most dear to me.  I know I have
some bad blueprints that I need to revise and I am looking
for the “ahaha” moment when I see a change in my
thinking.  I know that our subconscious mind is the key
to how we think and act and I am willing to change my
“subby” to have the life that I dream of.  This is
an intimidating journey for me and it is going to take some
major sacrifices with time over the next 6
months.   However, it is worth 6 months
of my life to achieve the end results that I am working
for.  I have a loving husband and we have a wonderful
relationship.  I am not sure how it can get much
better, but am looking forward to the ride.


8 thoughts on “Masterkey week 2

  1. Terrence Neraasen

    Great attitude Linda. The reading and the exercises are change agents. Things may change incrementally and you aha moment may be a sudden realization that change has occurred and was not immediately apparent. Keep right on the path you are blazing.


  2. josette millar

    Keep smiling! We are all in the same boat and I’m sure we’ll all get to our destination, as long as we stick to the work. And as you say, it is worth 6 months of our life. A small cost for the rewards. All the best.


  3. ellenbryant12345gmailcom

    Me too! I’m completely new to blogging and really any social media! And I probably have similar challenges as you..but, like you, 6 months for the blueprint of my choice? Sounds like a miracle & don’t we all love miracles!


  4. masterkeymiske Post author

    Hi Ellen. I have 2 other friends who are doing the Masterkey with me and we all are in the same boat. We are ready to sail but need some training on how to get the sails up and move it forward. It is exciting and I am having fun writing down my DMP and improving it to perfection. I do believe we need a map to get to where we want to go and I think the blueprint(which I am hoping is the completed DMP) is one of the major tools to get me sailing through life in the right direction!

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