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Week 16 – Kindness and New Revelation


These last couple of weeks have been totally crazy.  I absolutely loved the Kindness Week.  It was so much fun watching people light up with the tiniest smile and compliment.  Kindness is FREE and the rewards we reap from being human and kind are amazing.  Not only did I work on performing acts of kindness but I was much more aware of my surroundings and watching others perform kindness in a variety of ways.  Kindness comes from the heart and is to be shared the same way  we share our love.  We shouldn’t be stingy with our love or our kind acts because the more we give, the more we get back.  This exercise also made me realize that I have not spent enough time in my life going out of my way to help others.  This is something that needs to be changed and I look forward to finding ways to step up to the plate and be a true giving person without thinking about reciprocity.  Life is good.

I haven’t mentioned a really big thing that happened in the last few weeks that I feel will have a huge positive impact on my life and my DMP.   An opportunity came out of nowhere doing something that I never thought I’d ever consider doing.  After researching the venture, I believe it is going to enable me to attain one of my major DMP’s early.  That is to get my husband retired so that we can take off in our RV for a 10 year tour of the country.  I do believe this opportunity showed itself to me because I am more open to new challenges than I have been in the past.  My “subby” allowed me to reach out and be brave so that I am able to achieve something I truly want in my life.

I was brought to tears last night when I read something that is totally in line with the journey I am on.  It was about my old blueprints and I suddenly remembered things from very early In my life that must have been extremely impactful to me and how I have felt about myself over the years.  WOW…..it was very emotional and eye opening.  The good news is that I now understand things a little better and am confident that I will change those blueprints and become the person I am meant to be.

Retraining the brain is not an easy task, but in the end the rewards will be plentiful.  I CAN be what I will be!!!!!!


October Sky – A True Story about Courage and Persistence and the Big Pay Off



I am so glad I chose October Sky for my first movie to check out.  Homer came from a small coal mining town and found his life’s ambition after watching Sputnik go up.  Homer decided he wanted to go to NASA some day and be an Engineer or Astronaut.  Homer had no money, was not a scholar in school by any means and had no support from his father.  He was ridiculed and made fun of by classmates, but he rose above it and moved forward.  He started by making friends with the biggest Geek in the school, who had a wealth of knowledge to start the venture.  It takes great courage to forge ahead with negativity thrown at you and his father was the most negative person in the lot.  One of his teachers gave him the inspiration and drive to go after his dream.  From that day forward there was no mountain Homer had to climb and overcome to achieve this ambitious goal.  He had a definite major purpose and he was going to attain it.  There was a Science Fair coming up so Homer and 3 of his friends got extremely creative in finding the means and technical expertise to forward their mission.  Homer built relationships with a couple of savvy guys who wanted to see Homer reach his goal.  After many, many attempts to get the rocket to work, the 4 boys achieved success.  Their persistence paid off and they won the National Science Fair.  Homer went on to NASA  as an engineer and trained astronauts…..his dream came true through hard work, persistence and a team of friends to help.  This was such an inspirational movie.  Homer proved that courage, passion, persistence, ingenuity and hard work  will result in your Definite Major Purpose in Life being attained. Again, Homer knew what he wanted and found a way to make it happen.


Week 14 – Surprising, but not really…

Master Key Colorado


This week I was lucky enough to get back to work with the job I’m passionate about. I help athletes get over blocks. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, it’s inspiring to watch kids, grow ups and elders suddenly blast past their former top performances.

The look on a kids face when he finally lands a 900 degree rotation (two and a half turns) and successfully comes back to earth, skiing backwards, a move he was always too scared to attempt. The look on a coaches face when his lowest average free throw shooter finally sinks a penalty shot, just when it’s needed. The look on a dads face when his high school senior finally squeaks past pitching 88 miles an hour to pitching 91 miles an hour (and full ride scholarships).

Between holidays, sick cousins and this class, I haven’t been on my own game. But that changed this week and…

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Week 15 – Fun with Ben Franklin and Flash Cards

ben-franklinWeek 15 brings us Ben Franklin, a brilliant scholar with some great ideas.  I have used  the “Ben Franklin Close” in sales and am really looking forward to the upcoming weeks of the Franklin Makeover.   I really believe that if I recognize, relate, assimilate and apply the 12 attributes in the coming weeks that my “subby” will take over and train my brain to become this person with all of these magnificent attributes kicked into high gear.

I have come to love the Flash Cards.  One of the team gave me the idea to start putting the colored shapes on the cards  a couple of weeks ago  and I figured I needed to see the shapes as often as possible to stay focused. I  was thrilled to find out that we were on the right path this week.  It is amazing how I can see myself and the experience I write about on the cards…. a real flash back in time and very enjoyable.  In fact, I  smile and even laugh reading some of them.  I think I am able to envision things a little easier these days, which means I must be making progress on that front.   The flash cards have been great  because I have been able to step back and revisit my past.  I must admit that I am very pleased with this exercise because I have been able to see that I have accomplished far more than I gave myself credit for.  I know that I am capable of accomplishing many more great things in this short life.

I must admit there have been a few times that I’ve thought of throwing in the towel because of the time consumed on this journey and some of the emotions I am going through as I follow the path.  But it is normally a fleeting moment of insanity because I truly believe this journey is something that I need at this time in my life to become a better and more fulfilled person.   Not only do I want to find true happiness for myself, but I truly want to help others find happiness and freedom. I think this journey is teaching me how to be more caring and focus on what others need and want in life….not what I need from them to achieve my dream.   I’ve been in sales over 36 years and always considered myself to be the type of person that is looking for ways to solve problems and offer those solutions through honest work and endeavor.  It is up to the prospect to decide if I am the person they trust to help them out.   In my new business I am not working with corporate personnel with their business needs.  I am now working to help individuals find their “why”  in life and help them achieve their dreams.  To do this I must take myself out of the equation totally and concentrate on their needs only.  I thought I “got” this concept before, but I think I have a new, deeper understanding by taking this journey with Master Key. 

I Persist until I succeed!!!!!


Week 14 – Tis The Season To Be Grateful

grateful-heart-blog-itsoverflowingWeek 14 came and went way too quickly with the holidays.  I will be honest and admit  that I didn’t keep up with the daily assignments as faithfully as usual but am back on track to move forward in this journey to become my future self and live my dream.

One of the new requirements is writing down what we are grateful for.  I find that I really appreciate the opportunity to sit down and perform this task.   This is not an exercise that I’ve ever done, though I do give thanks for many of  life’s experiences on a regular basis.  This exercise really makes me sit down and think about my life, where I’ve been, what I’ve accomplished, what I have and what is truly important to me to give thanks and be grateful for.  I realize that I have an abundance of things to be extremely grateful for and have been blessed throughout this life with good people and experiences.    I would not be the person that I am today if I had not gone through the good and bad times throughout the years.  I am very lucky to have had such a strong foundation of friends and family help me through the tough times and see the growth in me, as a person, by surviving and becoming a stronger, more courageous person.   Writing down the little things in life that I’ve taken for granted is also eye opening and an exercise worth performing.  Reading the Giving and Receiving Cards daily and this exercise  made me realize that I have not given enough  back to others who are less fortunate and I plan to change that in the future.

It is going to take one step at a time to complete this journey and I ask for continued strength and courage to keep going until I have truly become my future self.